Tuesday, June 30, 2009

She Did It

It got me thinking, that show I woke up to. It's called 16 and Pregnant. What started out as sleepy nonchalance soon turned into avid interest. This young girl's life. Not in school. Doctor's appointments. Fights with her mother. Baby Showers. Giving birth at 17 years old. A world completely apart from own. But not so different from my moms.
She did it. She became an adult at 16 years old. The at-home studying to graduate high school. The doctor's appointments. The fights with her parents. Being at home alone, anticipating. The birth. My life.
My Mom.. is amazing. Watching this show made me realize how much my Mom sacrificed so that I could have the best life she could give me. I have massive amounts of respect for her. More than I could ever say. I love you.

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