Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Yes It Hurts

Yes I do. Every single day. And yes. It hurts.

She wrote in her notebook.
She wasn't quite sure what to do with this weight she'd been carrying.
A heartache that couldn't be soothed.
She was finding it harder and harder to keep herself pulled together.
Tears leaving trails down her cheeks when she drove to work in the morning,
before she fell asleep at night,
and inexplicably many times while checking her email.

She looked up from her writing and breathed deeply.
Softly closed her eyes and imagined a different girl.
A different life.
She knew when she opened her eyes,
that everything would be the same.
And that hurt too.

Yes I do. Every single day. And yes. It hurts.


  1. You're going to get through this :)

    You're stronger than anything this world can throw at you.


  2. Brittany,

    I hope you know how incredibly beautiful you are. And that you have amazing friends who love you more than you know. I'm gonna be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers this week (and past that) in the hopes that you just get so much joy and peace dumped on you that you don't know what to do with. I've been where you are. Broken, broken, broken. I wish I could heal it and make it better. Know that it WILL be soothed. Also know that one day you will have better than you ever dreamed of. Someone told me once that pain positions us for purpose, and the more pain we go through, the more purpose we have. Your life is going to be amazing, girl. Believe it. Walk in it. Love it.

    I'm here for you if you ever wanna talk. Much love to you!

    - lauren xoxo

  3. B,

    You will heal, you will heal brilliantly because you are beautiful. Every moment, you arrive. You are arriving to a destination you don't even know you are going to reach, so trust it. Trust in the arrival.

    With love,

  4. Yes it hurts, but no it won't last forever. You are beautiful, strong, competent & brave. You have a purpose & the world can't wait to meet you! :)
    I hope you have an awesome day!
    @ Creative Kristi

  5. Please know that you might go through difficulties, and while you are it seems as if that is all there is to your life, but please know that the hurt does subside and you come out stronger for it. :)

  6. Brittany,

    Hang in there! You are worth it. THinking good thoughts and sending hugs your way!!!


  7. Brittany,

    I know how difficult bad relationships can be you found the strength to get out of it. You are beautiful and so many people love you...you can do anything even get over this pain. Sending you love and strength and hopefully peace


  8. Thinking of you and sending you strength and love. Your heart will recover and you'll be stronger on the other side of this...believe me. I've been there and know the hurt.

    Huge hugs.

  9. No one deserves to be treated with disregard, but even those are can find the strength within them to carry on. I believe in you! Take the time you need, do what you need to do, to have confidence in you again. You are so, so, so, so, so, so, so very much loved. <3

  10. Your writing is so beautiful. It has truly touched me as I'm sure it does so many others. I wish you peace.

  11. You are amazing, just as you are. Stay strong and remember that you are beautiful and wonderful and perfect... you know, just as you are. :)

  12. Hi Brittany,

    Just wanted to let you know that this soon shall pass. Heartache although painful is also one of the greatest teachers. And before you know it you will see the sun shining again and be a much stronger woman because of it. Keep strong!


  13. Brittany,

    You are beautiful, smart, funny, talented, amazing, kind, loving, and worthy. I don't know you, but I know that what I just said is true.
    I particularly want to emphasize the worthy part. You are worthy of being loved and appreciated. You are unworthy of hatred and cruelty.
    I know that telling you to "forget him, move on, find someone better" is so much easier said than done, so I'll spare you. Learn to love yourself and appreciate yourself more than that jerk ever did. The other things will eventually find you themselves once you do this. :)

  14. Please, never forget how fantastic you are. You are beautiful and inspiring and strong, and you can and will get through this. Stay strong, keep smiling.

  15. You are such a strong, wonderful, beautiful person. You can do this. Small steps each day. Know that there are so many folks cheering you on and sending love.

  16. A beautiful poem. Know that if you close your eyes and open them again, things CAN be different. All it takes is one step (which is the hardest), and you've already done that. Delight in your strength, intelligence, talent, and beauty, as those around you do.

  17. It amazes me that the most difficult break-ups are sometimes the ones that end the unhealthiest relationships. Sometimes I think it's because the other person tore the other one down that recovery starts from a lower point. For me, it did. And yet, I can promise you that you'll love again. Soon. You'll find the strength to get through this and love yourself again. I don't know you personally but I do know that. You'll move on from this because you deserve better (things get a lot easier once you realize that). Hang in there.


  18. Brittany,

    It's easy to say "we've all been there" or "you'll get through this", but in the end each of us knows it takes more than words to heal a broken heart. So, take time and allow yourself to grieve the loss, but never blame yourself. When a negative thought enters your mind, quickly sweep it away with a reminder of how fabulous you are. And if you can't seem to find the words, borrow these:

    "Struggles disappear if you allow life to flow through you with trust that what is happening is for your best interest even if you can't see it right now."

  19. Dear Brittany,

    just don't forget how amazing and loved you are. Just don't forget how deeply beautiful you are. Remember that everything will be alright in the end. The world is full of colours, if you only look for them.

    Love and a hug, know that I'm thinking of you,

  20. Hi Brittany,

    You are a beautiful, intelligent and creative person. You deserve the best life has to offer. Some of the greatest things have happened in my life as the result of my heart breaking. I hope yours will heal quickly and you will see the light through the fog. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    <3 Courtney

  21. You can get through this. The pain is incredible, unbearable, possibly it's all you can see right now. But there are so many others around you who see more than you can at the moment - see the beauty and wonder and glory of who you are. Hang on to them, listen to them, know they see more than you can at the moment, but they will hold the vision for you until you can see it for yourself. All you need to see right now is the next step in front of you and take that next step toward the possiblity of a life of joy and love. sending you love.

  22. I know it hurts Brittany. Allow yourself time to grieve. Soon the pain will subside. You are loved and you will get through this.

  23. Brittany - you don't know me, and I've never met you, but I know that you are a beautiful woman and a talented writer. You make this world a better place by just being you. You are so great, so important, so valuable that it can not be comprehended. Please know that you are loved. I don't know you, but I love you. All the best.

  24. Brittany,
    I wish for you
    healing from the past,
    strength for today,
    and joy for tomorrow!

    I know where you are as I have been there myself, but please know you are worth whatever it takes for you to be happy and whole!
    much love to you!

  25. Hi Brittany,

    I've had relationships with a lot of men who have belittled me, and yet many times I felt conflicted when things ended. I knew it was the right choice, but part of me wanted to hang on. Maybe because it felt familiar and safe. Maybe because I was afraid that's all there was for me.

    I don't know you, but I know there is more and better for you. Everyone deserves the kind of love that feels good more often than not. I know that's available to you after you've healed from this pain.

    Sending you lots of love from Los Angeles.


  26. Brittany,

    There are hardly words to comfort heartbreak. I just want you to know that you are beautiful and you are loved infinitely. There's a kind love that can't run out, and you've got it always available to you.

    Hearts heal at their own slow pace, but they do, and they always get bigger and stronger. One of these days, I hope you find yourself overflowing with love, reveling in it and passing it on.

    A Friend

  27. Breaking up is always crappy. No matter what. But you just have to know that it's for the best and time will make it easier. You rock and will eventually feel so much better.

  28. Know that you are not alone, friends and angels you have yet not met are sending you love and positive thoughts. They are with you always.
    Know you are loved,
    One of my favorite poems, I wanted to share with you:

    Our Dimension Of Greatness

    No one can know the potential,
    Of a life that is committed to win;
    With courage - the challenge it faces,
    To achieve great success in the end!

    So, explore the Dimension of Greatness,
    And believe that the world CAN be won;
    By a mind that is fully committed,
    KNOWING the task can be done!

    Your world has no place for the skeptic,
    No room for the DOUBTER to stand;
    To weaken your firm resolution
    That you CAN EXCEL in this land!

    We must have VISION TO SEE our potential,
    And FAITH TO BELIEVE that we can;
    Then COURAGE TO ACT with conviction,
    To become what GOD MEANT us to be!

    So, possess the strength and the courage,
    To conquer WHATEVER you choose;
    It's the person WHO NEVER GETS STARTED,
    That is destined FOREVER to lose!

    ~ Author Unknown ~

  29. Brittany,

    You are beautiful, you are strong, you are so very loved and I know you can get through this. Why? Because YOU ARE ENOUGH. Please know that. I'm wishing you much peace and happiness, you deserve it.

    Sending my love,


  30. There are always gifts tucked away for us inside of what we call problems. In moving on, you have given yourself the love and appreciation you deserve, and may have been missing. Now you can move on into a life where you will experience on the outside what you have given yourself on the inside. Bravo!! :)

  31. Brittany,

    Most of the time I live my life and feed off of the "good times" while ignoring the "bad." Lately though I've been embracing the tough situations and I've found that I'm growing so much more as an individual. I know its tough to see right now but embrace it, you will win!

    You are am amazing and beautiful girl, we all love you and care about you. Many blessings and hugs!


  32. I'm praying and thinking of you sweet lady! you are beautiful and deserve way better! This too shall pass -- remember that! :) I pray God will give you strength to move on and realize you girlie are valued as a person here on earth! He has a reason for you here! this is easier said than done as i've been there too , very familiar. I pray that God will give you comfort as you do take the time to grieve and that he will take the pain away in time! Sending lots of hugs your way pretty lady, thinking of you!

  33. Brittany,

    I always believe we go through everything for a reason - a reason to learn, to grow. My daughter is 26 and she's been through a lot, and is still learning. I'm 53 and still learning also - about life, about love, about friends, about myself.

    You will get through this - be strong.

    Hugs, Gerri

  34. A bend in the road is not the end of the road... unless you fail to make the turn.

    You have already come so far and made the hardest decision. The worst is behind you and you are now ready for all the good things that are yet to come.

    I wish all the best for you and am so proud of what you have already accomplished. Take care, go forward and begin the life that you have always wanted and imagined. So much good, wonder and love are coming to you.

  35. Sweet, sweet Brittany,
    You beautiful princess, you are strong and loved. You are a divine woman with power and potential beyond your own understanding. I know this. And if you believe it, you will too. You must know that you have the love and support of many. Look at yourself in the mirror and remember that you are unique and special.
    You. Are. Special.

  36. At the time we are 'going through it' it seems to go on forever. You're being refined by fire and it burns and it hurts. When you awake you are stronger, more confident, more sure of what you want from life. Although painful, this will lead you on a path of self discovery, to keep moving forward, pushing for something new and wonderful. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Please remember, like bad shellfish this too, shall pass.(That last sentence is really just for fun....what you're going through sucks and I'm here to tell you - IT WILL GET BETTER!)xoxo

  37. Brittany,

    First I just want to say that I'm proud of you, as a young woman myself, for getting yourself out of a situation that was unhealthy for you. I grew up in a matriarchy ... I've always thought that women can do absolutely anything on their own and that relationships are just an addition to our happiness not the main reason for it. I'm pretty sure my family history has made me a tad OVERLY averse to relationships but only in the best way : I do not need to be with a guy unless he is perfect FOR ME... not perfect, because no one is ... but perfect for me. And by this I mean that every woman deserves a guy who thinks she is the most special and incredible thing on the planet. Who encourages and appreciates her and thinks that she's beautiful. Who makes her laugh and think and feel completely comfortable. YOU ARE AMAZING! I'm sure that all of your friends and family believe that and I know that you can make yourself believe it, too. If there is a guy out there who doesn't think that's the truth, then he has no place in your life. I hope that you can take some time to realize this and surround yourself with people who are crazy about you. Then the ideal love will simply find it's way to you, I'm sure of it.

  38. Brittany,

    Heartbreak is never easy even when you know it must happen. It's in these times we learn how strong we truly are. You took control to make your future better and brighter, even when it meant making the present more difficult. For that, I applaud and support you. Keep it up!

    With much love and admiration,

  39. There is a quote from Winnie the Pooh that I especially love. It is said by Christopher Robin. “...There is something you must always remember. YOU are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ~A.A. Milne

    You are amazing and beautiful! Do not every forget that!

  40. It breaks my heart when someone hurts us and we think that we're not good enough. That's been my whole life for the last year. I don't even know you, but I don't don't don't want you to go through that. I want you to know you're loved. You're beautiful. Your words are beautiful. I could tell you to write it out, but it looks like you already figured that out.


  41. Brittany, I'm so sorry you're hurting. I pray that you will find peace & joy, and know how wonderful you truly are. You're so loved. Keep going! xxx

  42. "Rivers know this: there is no hurry, we will get there someday."
    I think we all have times when we feel like we aren't good enough. It shakes your confidence and makes every day a struggle. But you are beautiful, inside and out, and you WILL get through this. It's hard to see it now, but there is a bright side at the end of this tunnel, and it will be worth every step, and more wonderful than you can imagine. Hang in there.


  43. Emotional hurting is the pits, because ebb and flow of it is so sporadic and healing has no set schedule. Just know that you're never alone and positive, healing vibes sent from complete strangers can do amazing, wondrous things. Keep going!

  44. Brittany, I'm so sorry you are hurting. Remember you are beautiful, no matter what anyone else says (easier said than done sometimes, but it's true!) and you are very much loved.

  45. Brittany,

    You are beautiful and brave and strong enough to get through this. I'm lighting a candle for you and sending good thoughts and love your way.

  46. Brittany,
    I know the hurt of someone who should love you not treating you the way they should. It hurts. But you are better than that - you DO deserve more. The hurt will lessen, and you will slowly begin to realize that you will be okay.

    try to let the words of those who know you and love you and value who you are truly sink into your heart.

  47. your line "Softly closed her eyes and imagined a different girl." really hits home with me. It's so easy to hate yourself and see all the ugliness and wish that someone could just come and pick you up. so often I want just a massively strong man to put his arms around me and remove me from situations I repeatedly find myself in. the other girl, not me is doing it (what ever "it" happens to be at the time).
    so I completely feel and relate to all your words/emotions here. they are so powerful. I may not be the best to offer encouragement for you but please realize that no matter what, you are strong and passionate and have complete control...don't believe those lies in your head that somehow convince you otherwise.

    you are worthy. and strong. and even though I don't know you..i believe in you. wholeheartedly.

  48. You are an amazing, loving and caring human being. You'll be okay and you're gonna help someone who can't relate to anyone else. Just ride out this storm. Life is a dashing bold adventure.

  49. "this to shall pass" sounds like such a cliche and of no help but honestly 'this to shall pass' . BE LIFTED BY THOSE WHO LOVE YOU.
    To a future filled with happiness

  50. You are beautiful and don't you dare to ever say otherwise! <3

  51. I can only imagine how you are hurting right now but please know that even if you find yourself surrounded by darkness, the light inside of you is still burning brightly and will infinitely. This darkness that you feel now though, it is not going to last, you will get through this & while that may be easy for me to say - on the outside looking in, not caught in the depths of heartache that you may find yourself in right now - it also this outsider's perspective that allows me to see beyond this moment for you. Please, trust in me, a perfect stranger, because although I am just that - a perfect stranger to you and your heartbreak - I am no stranger to dark times, and I know that the light does shine again. Hang in there.
    Sending you lots of love

  52. Tell her she can share the weight of her load with friends and loved ones. She's either forgotten or never knew that they are more than willing to help her. All she need do is ask.

    Tell her it's ok to fall apart sometimes. She won't disintegrate. And, if she asks, there are many people willing to "hold it together" for her while she falls apart. She has a soft place to fall. She does so much for so many and asks for so little in return. There are many who would love to help, if they only knew she needed it.


    You have an amazing gift and a beautiful soul. The world needs more souls like yours.

    Love, hugs and prayers to you.

  53. I don't know you, but I'm guessing that you're a lot stronger than you think you are.
    You can get through this. You can get through anything.
    The thing to remember is, you are so much better off out of this relationship.
    You are worth people's time, you are a wonderful human being, and most importantly, you are loved.
    We all have to remember this in hard times, and you could probably do with a reminder.
    Read a good book, watch a good movie.
    Keep your mind off it, stay strong, and carry on.
    Love xxx

  54. The picture at the top of your blog says "there is always hope".
    it's true.
    hang in there sweetie!

  55. Brittnay,
    You are precious. So precious. I went through something similar and wrote this. I hope it is encouraging to you.

    The room was filled with people bustling about and discussing the latest news. This had been the flavor of the house for weeks. She had just been released from the grasp of a lengthy conversation with a curious bystander as she filled her cup with more punch. The gathering of people was continuing in its way. She studied the crowd with a sinking feeling in her gut; this was not where she was meant to be. She had known for a while now, yet she just stood there, part of it. He entered the room, the reason she was here. Her heart grew sad. She knew what she had to do. A car horn sounded from outside the window. It was for her. She moved across the floor with purpose, her lead feet inhibiting her only slightly. Her whole being felt like lead. She drew him aside and whispered in his ear. She kept her eyes from his, not wanting to cause any more pain. But oh, how she wanted to stay. With tear stained face and shaking hands she made her swift way. Silently she slipped out the back. The room still filled with excitement and life, only one stood silent, a torrent in his face. As the door shut behind her she ran to the waiting car leaving a trail of brilliant tears. “I don’t understand! Why can’t I find life there? Why did you make me leave??” she asked the Gentle figure behind the wheel. “I know a better place,” was all He said in return. “I love you,” He said, after a silence and wiped a tear from her cheek, “I will heal you. And I will show you how to live. I will show you Joy and Peace and Love the likes of which you have only tasted. Let me take you there.” She let her head fall back against the seat. “I know I can trust You,” she whispered through a veil of crystals, “if only You could replace my heart.” “I love your heart too much. I cherish your life too much to simply wipe it out and start anew. How would you know the greatness of what I do for you if you had nothing else in your heart? How would your love be as glorious if you had to love me with a perfect heart? No, love is most noble when given by a wounded heart, bleeding and marred by the pains of life. I loved you with a broken body, pierced and dying on public display. You love me with a beautifully broken heart and you won’t be let down.” She pondered His words as she looked out the window to see that they were traveling down a dark and rainy street. The streetlights were too few and far between to reveal their location. But their location didn’t seem to matter at the moment, for they had not yet arrived. She laid her head against His shoulder, His arm wrapped around her as they drove. She sighed and sniffed and drifted off to sleep. He watched the road with knowing eyes.

  56. Brittany, please know during this time that you are enough. You are enough for yourself, and you are enough for someone else--someone who will deserve everything that you bring to the table, someone who will appreciate who you are as a person and someone who is going to love you in ways that you have never imagined. Until that day, know that you are enough. You are smart enough, strong enough, brave enough, beautiful enough, gracious enough, caring enough, courageous enough, bold enough, more than enough to sustain yourself in this beautiful, but often screwed up life. So many people are rooting for you, and I am but one of them. You don't know me, but I love you with all of my heart.

  57. When I was a little girl, I had a teacher who told me that each person had an "IALAC."

    "What's an IALAC?" I asked.

    She answered than an IALAC is the knowledge that I Am Lovable And Capable. She made me draw a picture of those letters on a piece of paper. And she told me that sometimes things happen that could rip my IALAC. She had me rip my paper in half. Then she helped me to tape the paper back together, and she told me that one of her jobs was to make sure that my IALAC was intact.

    She was a beautiful teacher.

    I'd love for you to know that you, too, have an IALAC. Yours has been ripped, but it can be repaired. It can be whole again. You should know that YOU are, in fact, Lovable and Capable. I pray that you know this today.

    God bless you.

  58. The fact that you're able to write about such hurt is a strength that not too many know - I admire you for picking up the "pen". Know so many are thinking about you and hoping for healing.

  59. You are amazing and wonderful. One day it won't hurt anymore. In the meantime, know that you are in the hearts of many and we care about you.

  60. I know you can get through, because you're awesome
    It's not about good or bad, but rather loving everything and breaking free of a single reality. We believe in you B!

  61. Breathe. Let it in. Cry. Breathe. You are love. Your are loved. We are here to tell you. We are love.

  62. I'm your newest follower and here to drop some love. I understand exactly what you're going through because I recently got divorced. Everything was peachy keen (even though the relationship wasn't healthy at all..I just overlooked that part) and then BAM! My world fell apart. It's been almost a year and I still hurt; shattered & torn, struggling to put the pieces of my heart, soul, mind, & sanity back together. It does get easier as each day passes and I realize I'm still alive & for a purpose.

    You're a beautiful person, Brittany, inside & out. You don't deserve heartbreak, but you DO deserve happiness. Just know you are loved and appreciated by so many. We have faith in you sweetheart. Keep writing because your words are beautiful & touching.
    Much love, Talia

  63. Brittany-Sweetie, sending a giant hug your way, Hun. Imagine yourself sitting at my kitchen table, enjoying a lovely cuppa tea, being nuzzled by my three hounds, and LAUGHING!!! Yes, Dear Heart, you WILL laugh again...

    Heartache takes a little while to get through, but I promise you, it WILL get better. Trust in the divine to bring the *right* people to you, people who will love you and appreciate you for the amazing woman you are.

    xoxo, chris

  64. Brittany,
    I completely agree with you, it hurts. But it is also true that all wounds heal, no matter how much they hurt. So just keep going, and never forget that you are loved.
    Lots of hugs!

  65. Sending you hugs and beautiful thoughts! Hope that today finds you feeling vibrant and alive!!!

  66. I am so sorry that you are hurting. Someday you will have a beautiful and wonderful love, and will look back on this time as only a bad dream. That is my prayer for you.


  67. Brittany,

    Your writing is lovely and truly struck a chord with me. I know that Right Now is difficult, but remember that this moment will not last forever. I have been where you are and I promise you that it will get easier and that you will be a stronger and wiser woman for having gone through this. Stay strong and take it one day, one minute, one second at a time. Focus on the littlest points of beauty - sunlight streaming in through your window, birds chirping, the stars twinkling in the sky - and know that these things are here to remind you of the goodness and love this world has to offer.

    Wishing you much love.

  68. Brittany -
    I don't know you. But I do know you are a girl; a human; a person, worthy of care, concern and love. You are most deserving of these things from within yourself. That is the real gift. Love from within is the greatest love of all.
    I'm happy to hear you've shown yourself such love by moving away from a situation which did not reflect that kind of love you deserve.
    I hope you know that although times like this seem so incredibly dark, you will find light on the other side as you continue to take care of yourself, loving yourself enough to make sure you are with a person that reflects who you are on the inside. You are so deserving of it.
    Hang in there, Brittany... you deserve so much good.

  69. Every heartache molds us into a new and different person, and surprisingly, into someone with an ever increasing capacity to love. Thankfully, the pain doesn't last forever, although days feel like eternity when you're going through it. You'll be amazed at the person you are when you come through the end of this. Someday, you'll even be grateful for this experience. And you'll be there with a hug when someone you care about goes through the same thing.

    Hugs, and I know that better things are in store for you.

  70. Everyday gets easier. Cliche right??? Let me say this, as you move forward, you may feel you are in a storm. But life is not about the storm, it is learning to dance in the rain.
    There is beauty in the world, and there is hope. There is beauty in you. Embrace it. You were made to be beautiful and glorious. Don't fight the love within you :)
    You are loved!!! God Bless you always!

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  72. Hey B, I hope you know theres a lot of people out there who care. Be strong, you have everything you need within you to get through this. Although we have never met, after exploring your blog i'm excited for your future. Its going to be great because your great!

    Supreme support from London


  73. Thinking of you and sending an e-hug your way. Keep your head up and know that that your friend continues to feel your love. <3

  74. What a beautiful blog post you wrote! Beautiful because you are so brave to share what you are going through with such honesty. I felt my heart swell for you, because I have been where you are. But I can tell you from experience that it won't always feel this way. I promise. You are a treasure - you have gifts no one else in the world can share, because you (like all of us) are one in a million. Be good to yourself, surround yourself with people and things you love, and be proud that you're moving forward from something that wasn't great to the potential for something that is. Sending a big hug and love to you.
    - Amy from Michigan

  75. Only time can heal these wounds, but you will come out stronger and more focused on what you want. "God never gives us more than he thinks we can handle" Someday you will realize that everything in your life has prepared you and led up to finding your happiness. Best wishes and Godspeed in your healing.

  76. Brittany, I am SO sorry you are going through this right now. It hurts so much and is easy to get down on yourself...but it WILL get easier with time. When you are ready, if you open your heart to possibility, you will find something SO MUCH BETTER than you knew and you will have the life experience to truly appreciate it...Sending loving thoughts your way... XO

  77. I have it on good authority that you are one of the most positive, beautiful, inspiring girls out there. Sending you positive, loving thoughts & prayers today...

  78. "Pain is inevitable, suffering is not"

    The hard part is over. Now it is time to focus on you. From the looks of this blog you have a lot to be proud of, thankful for and a tremendous talent. Embrace it all. You are worthy, never forget that. I hope you sooon find peace. Take care of yourself.

  79. You are more beautiful than you know, and so much stronger than you think. You are inspiring, and creative. You have so much more to offer the world and with time, you will be able to see it. You will be able to move on, you will be able to be free.
    Keep you chin up.
    Peace, Love and Hope.


  80. things hurt now, but they won't always hurt. focus on what you can take away from this instead of what you feel is being taken away from you.

  81. I'm so sorry that your are hurting so much right now but please remember what a fantastic and inspirational person you are and that there are ao many people around you who love and care about you. Stay strong, you can get through this.

    Sending love your way.

    Rach xx

  82. Brittany, I know things hurt right now, but life won't always be like this. Yes, you will struggle and hurt but it will get better day by day. You might appreciate this video: http://vimeo.com/19523431

    Also, I love the phrase in the header of your blog: "There is always hope" just remember that. Hugs for a better tomorrow.

  83. I've been going through your blog and I am amazed at your way with words and your ability to convey exactly what you are feeling. I'm sorry that right now you're feeling less then amazing and that you're hurt is broken, I definitely know how that goes. Hang in there, you're such an inspiring person and you're meant for great things, I just know it.

  84. As long as the wrong train is in the depot, the right train can't get in. Remember that as you go through the pain of a failed relationship, you are making room in your life for somebody who will treat you as you deserve to be treated and love you like the "wrong train" never could!

    Sending love, light and cyber-hugs to you!

  85. Personal growth and strength come from painful situations. Sending my warm and happy thoughts your way!

  86. Hang in there Brittany. We're all here for you. There's a tomorrow, there's someone new, there's hope. You are precious and beautiful and alive and wonderful and you are cherished. Live.

  87. My dearest friend,

    I know how do you feel. I've gone through the same a couple of times. Do not worry... Life goes on.

    One day you will wake up in the morning and you will feel happy again. I promise you.

    There's a lot of people posting beautiful encouraging messages to you. Hold on to that.

    Pain is inevitable... but suffering is optional. A bend in the road is not the end of the road… unless you fail to make the turn.

    God knows it hurts... but you have to try harder. Focus on living. Choose HAPPY... As bad as it may seem to be right now, life is too short to waste.

    You are a beautiful, warm hearted, brave and unique being. Talk to God... meditate... With God, all things are possible.

    Kindest regards,


  88. Hang in there, you'll get through this. And always remember, you are loved, you are special, and you are the only you in the universe.

  89. Hang in there, you'll get through this. And always remember, you are loved, you are special, and you are the only you in the universe.

  90. I wish I could tell you how not to hurt, but the truth is, it hurts. And it will hurt tomorrow, and probably next week. But eventually the hurt goes away. In the meantime don't lose sight of who you are, and all the things that make you you. All you can do now is take a deep breath and move forward one step at a time.

    Hugs and best wishes!


  91. Brittany,

    You will get through this! You are a beautiful, courageous, brave woman! I hope these comments help you find yourself again. You are loved and you are special!

    Prayers, love, and hugs,

  92. Sending you lots and lots of love! I'm sorry that you are going through this, but as many others have said, you will get through it. Nothing stays the same forever. You are courageous and strong, and you have much to offer the world, so hang in there and know that there are people that care about you...even ones you've never met before. :::hugs::: ~Meroko

  93. You're a truly amazing person. Don't ever forget that! You're going to pull through this. I know it doesn't feel like it's all right now, but it will be. You just have to stick with it until you get there. Don't lose hope, and keep being your wonderful self. <3


    Sending lots of hugs and support from PA. We're all here for you!

  94. Everybody and everything I've known never told me how to stand up on my own
    Had to learn it from the one who let me go ...

    You are gorgeous. You are deep and poetic. You moved a few dozen people to your blog and you are going to move mountains.

    My name is Igor, I am from Brazil. I am sending my streght and my energy to you

    You'll be just fine. Everything's gonna be alright ....

    I wish you Peace, love and empathy ...

  95. Your words are raw, refreshing, and full of honest emotion. It takes courage to bare your soul for the world to see.

    This is going to make you stronger. I went through a couple of really bad relationships. Each time I was heart broken and felt like little pieces of my heart were gone forever. People told me that my heart would heal in time, but there was no right answer on how long that would take. I didn't think I would ever find a good man who would take a heart that wasn't whole. Some people came into my life who really helped me and I realized that my heart was still whole but bruised deeply. Bruises can be more painful than a crack or a break. They can be deep and ugly. But bruises are not permanent. They take time to heal. With encouragement, rest, and the love of and support of good friendships, your heart will heal.

    You have a beautiful soul and you're beautiful on the outside as well. You are worthy of nothing but the best man. It will happen.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers
    Love & Hugs

    P.S. I am now married to a good man and have two beautiful children.

  96. You can express the elegance you already possess as a human being, or you can barely glimmer. You already have everything you need.

    Remember during the difficult days the beauty you possess, and hold your head high.

  97. There is still beauty in the world, there is still light in this life, and there is still irreplaceable sparkle within you. Nobody else in the world has the exact mix of talents, dreams, ideas, and expressions that you do. Though you may feel as if you are in the dark, you are headed toward lighter places. You will find happiness again; in fact, you have it within you now and always. Just smile, just breathe, just laugh. You are living on an Earth that has so much wonder and opportunity waiting to embrace you and, in turn, have you embrace it. Always remember, you are loved.

  98. You are an amazing, beautiful person. Anyone who can't see that and can't appreciate the joy you bring to life is blind and foolish. We all go through times when we wish we were someone else. Maybe then we wouldn't be carrying the hurt, the pain and the baggage we do now. But think about all the amazing times you've had in your life. Think about the times when someone's needed you or the times when you just couldn't stop laughing. It's those times of joy that make all the difference. You are loved. You are loved so much more than you can possibly comprehend. I know it's hard right now, but you will make it through. And until you can stand up on your own, the people you love will be there to support you.

  99. Brittany,
    We have never met and probably never will but we are joined by experience. I, too, went through everything you are going through. Five years ago I finally got out of a very abusive relationship with a man who changed my world. I know how much it hurts you; how much it confuses you and frustrates you. But hang on....YOU WILL GET THROUGH IT. The clarity and peace that you WILL feel is coming and it will wrap you in love and light and warmth. You WILL grow stronger. You WILL stop hurting. You WILL love yourself...and others again.
    Do it little by little and trust that you are held in the thoughts and prayers of those women...women like me...who are connected to you...and love you.
    I send you all the healing energy and vibes I have. Don't worry...you are not alone.
    Much love and strength to you,

  100. Brittany, you are such a lovely creature, full of strength and grace. Please know that there are many, many people who adore you and are here to hold you! Sending lots of love. xoxoxo

  101. Life does hurt sometimes, but after the hurt, it can be even more beautiful than ever before. You will be alright.

  102. Brittany, I'm sorry for your heartache :( I'm thinking of & praying for you!

    "God heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds." (Psalm 147:3)

    I thought of this song when I read your post: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbXEEUU9ltg

  103. Brittany, I know how much life can hurt, but remember that even in your weakest moments, you are stronger than anything thrown at you. Trust in yourself, and be well,


  104. Brittany, I know these are only words from a stranger, but please hear and feel them from the bottom of my heart! Let me tell you how strong and enchantingly beautiful you are! There is nothing, nothing that can break your spirit or stop your light from shining and your heart from loving. I hope you can find a reason to twirl around at some point and smile, knowing how strong and captivating you really are. Sending Strength and Light and Love from San Francisco.

  105. This too shall pass and you will emerge stronger on the other side. Stay strong, beautiful girl, and know how cared for you are

  106. your blog is lovely and smart and heartwarming and, seeing as you're writing from the heart, the only conclusion must be that you are lovely and smart and heartwarming.

    thanks for reminding me how beautiful words can be.

  107. I've been there more than once... But I have survived and have become stronger and learned a little something about life and myself each time. I hope that you realize that you too will get through this and that you grow and become a stronger person for having gone through it.

  108. You are beautiful and loved by so many around you. Let them love you, you may find something that you didn't know you were missing.


  109. Brittany, I know that it's really hard for people to understand exactly how you feel, or to give you advice on how to make things better for yourself. All I want to tell you is to remember that things always, always get better, even if it doesn't feel like they will right now. I hope you will take this chance to do what is right for you. Know that many of us around the world are thinking about you, and wish you the very best. :)

  110. I heard you are a positive, beautiful, inspiring girl. I hear your hurt.

  111. Dear Brittany,

    I'm praying for you today, that grace and light may be upon you as you find your way back to who you are. You are going to get through this, and you are going to be a stronger, wiser, more compassionate woman because of it.
    Remember to be kind to yourself and try to be at peace with where you are now on your journey. You're heading towards a better place. Serving others, loving others, sharing your blessings,helping other women in damaging situations - these things will help your heart to heal. We find peace by giving others peace.
    You are a beautiful, creative, inspring young woman. This tough time will be over soon and your gorgeous spirit will soar again.

    Be blessed,
    Heidi x

  112. Brittany, Looking back through your older posts I'm inspired by your creativity, your volunteerism and your love. Know that you also deserve to voluntarily be creatively loved!
    Love, Emma

  113. Brittany, I'm sending lots of love your way. We are all broken at times, but it IS possible to get through it. I promise. Stay strong, girl!

  114. Brittany
    You deserve the best in life!

  115. The Laughing Heart by Charles Bukowski
    your life is your life

    don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.

    be on the watch.

    there are ways out.

    there is a light somewhere.

    it may not be much light but

    it beats the darkness.

    be on the watch.

    the gods will offer you chances.

    know them.

    take them.

    you can’t beat death but

    you can beat death in life, sometimes.

    and the more often you learn to do it,

    the more light there will be.

    your life is your life.

    know it while you have it.

    you are marvelous

    the gods wait to delight

    in you.

  116. Sweet Brittany,
    Just from reading through some of your posts, it's easy for me to see how lovely, special, unique, courageous and smart you are. You deserve someone who will treat you with such regard - the highest of standards - because YOU, my friend are worth that and more. Love to you.

  117. You are going to come through this, because you are strong and amazing. I truly truly believe this.

  118. You are STRONG, BEAUTIFUL and YOU HAVE VALUE! Don't let anyone tell you any different. You have a special purpose on this earth and it is to be loved! By yourself, your friends and your other half. You will get through this and once you are on the other side, you will turn around and see where you learned your strength!

    Wrapping you in love and prayers for healing!


  119. Brittany,

    I know the pain you speak of all too well. I wish you nothing but sunshine and roses, as much as you can handle and as often as you wish it. May your rain all be rose petals this spring.

    Loves, Sarah

  120. People say all the time a strong emotional heart and faith in the positive get people to overcome life threatening illnesses. I think it's unfortunate that heartache is often disregarded when people think of others suffering. I myself have been through some terrible relationships, and as mentioned above, leaving an unhealthy one is sometimes more difficult because you're starting from a lower point. With all that being said, I hope things get better for you soon and please remember everyone heals their own way and on their own time. Surround yourself with people that support you in this journey and remember, guilt is like smoking...even one puff is bad for you.

    Thinking of you!

  121. Sometimes it might seem trivializing to say, "Oh, I understand what you're feeling right now; everyone goes through this." But the truth is so much more complex. Your pain is different--it's always different. Heartaches are never commonplace. But at the same time, we are united with you. We've shared similar experiences; we have some imagining of the complicated dance of sorrow, guilt, grief, anger, even relief you might be feeling right now. The people around you feel with you, right alongside you, holding your hands.

    Your writing is lovely. I imagine the girl who cries "inexplicably many times while checking her email" may be doing the same thing right now, reading the multitudes of love-messages and hope-messages and healing-messages that are being sent to her right now, from all over the world, from other people who know loss and heartbreak. We lend you our shoulders, our hands, our hearts in this moment, darling. We are with you!

  122. Brittany,
    First let me say I am so sorry. This pain you write about is something I feel like I am familiar with. Not to say "I get it" because I don't and everyone's pain is different, but, I feel like I understand. I remember the pain like it was yesterday. My heart hurt in the worst way. My stomach felt like there was a fire in it, and when I would cry no tears would come out because I think I seriously had used them all up.
    Please know that time does heal. This will pass. Nothing will speed the process along, but time will make this all a dull memory.

    It will do that as long as you hold strong to the fact that you are a beautiful and amazing person. I don't know you personally but I have spent some time clicking around your blog and am blown away. You are so talented. Keep writing, especially about your pain. I know, first hand, that it helps, in a big way. Plus you are amazing at it.

    I don't know what happened, or any of the details, however your hurt is evident and that makes me hurt for you. Please know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Take care and remember that this really will, one day, be a distant memory.

  123. Hey, I hope you feel better soon and know who you are, I hope you have times now that you fight for it, cuz you deserve it. It's bad and a dark thing when someone else treats us wrong and then we think we're bad in some way, it's bad and a dark thing everytime someone feels the way you do because it seems like something is breaking, but you are on a journey. There are things ahead that make you know purpose and make you feel a way of really alive. Some things you can't stop thinking about for a while, but sometimes you can know peace and that you're going ~through~ something, like a journal, it's totally the symbolism of going through something. I'm so sorry it's so hard!! Be strong!! I pray God and your friends touch and encourage your heart many times because it's when you receive true heart to hearts, and go through all the bad stuff over time at the same time, that you heal, and God knows how to get to you the most perfectly. I hope you feel peace and gentleness today!! <3

  124. You are a strong, beautiful, wonderful woman. I know you can get through this. You are an inspiration to all of those in a bad relationship, that leaving can be for the best. xx

  125. dear brittany,

    i am sorry for what you are going through. i know personally how hard it is to move on after an unhealthy relationship. you wonder what you did wrong and what you could have done and beat yourself up for it.

    for me, i have come to the conclusion that even though it was painful and really hard to go through, i am a pretty strong person and now i try extra hard to make sure everyone i know and love know how much they mean to me. i didn't do that before, but i was on the other end of it, and i know now how it feels to be unappreciated. that's how i have healed myself. so what i am trying to say, is take that hurt and pain and turn it into something good. make other people feel good about themselves and do good in this world. after awhile, it gets easier and easier, and helping to heal others helps you to heal yourself...

    you are a wonderful person. you are strong and beautiful and you have much to give to the world. you are living in one of the hardest times this world has ever faced. on the cusp of a big change, and it's up to you and me and everyone here to make this world a better place. you can do it, you just have to find out how your talents and gifts that you were given can help you succeed. one step at a time. bless you, and know that you are precious and loved. :)

  126. Hello Brittany,
    I'm so sad to read about how much you are hurting right now. Please just remember that it will get better. And until it does, remember that you are cared for. You have so much love and thoughts and prayers wrapped around you.
    Much love, Laura xxxxx

  127. "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope..."
    - Romans 15:13

  128. Dear Brittany,
    When someone treats you badly it is definitely not because you are unworthy of respect, appreciation and love. This is a reflection of the lack of respect, appreciation and love that person has for himself. He is the one who needs to change. You are perfect just the way you are, 'positive, beautiful, inspiring', to borrow Laura's words. I hope all these messages from people who care help to carry you out of the darkness and into the light. With kindness and love...Karen...x

  129. Brittany,

    When you wrote, "Tears leaving trails down her cheeks when she drove to work in the morning, before she fell asleep at night, and inexplicably many times while checking her email." it hit SO close to home. I can remember a few years back when I had my heart broken SO badly. I thought I would never bounce back, I was literally mourning him, I felt that I would be depressed for the rest of my life, that I would never find anyone that measured up to my ex...but I was wrong! It took a while to get back into the swing of things, but I found that my life had changed for the better, that I was growing stronger and stronger each day. I am SO happy for the time I spent with my ex, but I know now that we are meant to not be together (I never thought I would ever say that), we are better people apart from each other. I hope that you come to this realization sooner than later. You are not the only one who has ever been through this...you are the norm, it is supposed to hurt! I think that this pain is what makes us better, more loving people in the end. As the saying goes...no pain, no gain! I hope your gain is tenfold!

    Strength and Love are being sent from Northeastern Ohio! Keep your head up!

  130. Brittany...you are worth more than any disrespect or pain that you have been left with. You are strong, courageous and beautiful. You will come through this and be more!

  131. We all need reminding every now and then of how special we are. You, Brittany, are truly special, and even though we don't know each other, I am sure that you touch the lives and hearts of countless people each day. No matter how something hurts, no one can take away your worth or strength. Look to your friends, family, and God in times of hurt (and even to strangers!) and stay strong a beautiful.

    Isaiah 40:31
    "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on the wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."

    Sending you love from Virginia Beach,

  132. Now is a gift for remembering who you truly are, and being the awesomeness of you... whatever that looks like in this moment. No-one can take away the YOU that is you... it may have been clouded for a while, but now it is safe to gently remove the layers that aren't the real you so that you can shine!

    It's easy to forget who we are... so write a letter to yourself from the future that tells you everything you need to know about the awesomeness of you.

    wrapping you up in big joyful decadent hugs x

  133. The funny thing about pain is it receded inversely with time.

    The world was designed to challenge you. However, we always realize that our hearts' can take only so much pain, so much abuse, and so much torture.

    Keep in mind your heart has an unquantifiable amount of love that it can handle. Do things that make Brittany feel like Brittany.

    To make you feel amazing, your friends and family would go through anything. As you would for friends and family. Sometimes, you must do what you want to do to feel amazing. Then remember that feeling and multiply it.

  134. Brittany

    Sometimes things are just pants... That's why they invented Christmas pajamas and presumably hot chocolate as well as several other really impressive and fattening types of snack food! Eat them now while you still can!!!

    seriously, you are a beautiful soul with a wonderful life ahead of you, don't ever doubt that for a second. Take your time to with this and when you're ready, get out there and live this wonderful crazy mixed up life to the fullest! Laugh, love, be gentle with other people's hearts - but never at the expense of your own, and whenever times are rough, remember you are loved - more than you can possibly imagine...

    Trashstar Xx

  135. You are a strong, wonderful person and you will get through this. Any person that doesn't appreciate you is not worth a second of your time. We are all thinking of you and wishing you all the happiness in the world :) xoxo

  136. Breakups are tough, but i know you will get through it :), Be Strong, Be Love.
    You are worth it!

    Love being sent your way!
    Have an Amazing day


  137. I can relate with every single word you wrote. I felt just that way 6 months ago after my break up. I guess that saying is truth, time cures it all. It still hurts sometimes, I still cry sometimes but I feel better today than I felt yesterday. The fact that you didn't settle for less than what you deserve makes you stronger than what you think. I know you'll get through this.

  138. Brittney,

    Yeah... it does hurt. Heartbreak is so painful, and it comes in so many forms. I'm kinda going through one right now too, and sometimes you just throw up your hands and cry out "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING GOD?" And it hurts.

    But you are NOT in this alone. You're writing is so beautiful, and so relateable, and I can tell it come straight from your heart. But hold on. I can tell you are such a wonderful and beautiful person inside and out. You will love again, and you will be loved again. You are loved RIGHT NOW. Hold onto your friends and family and who you are. Cry and scream and lie around if you need to. But then get up again and start new.

    One of the things I tell people is that you just have to keep moving. Sometimes it's taking one day at a time. Sometimes it's taking one step at a time. Then even sometimes, it's just focusing on the next breath. Focus on your next breath. It's each breath that keeps us going.

    I'm praying for you today and I hope that you see how wonderful and beautiful you are!

    If you ever need anything feel free to email me at lovewokemeupthismorning@gmail.com.

  139. You are worthy. You are loved.

  140. You are so much more than this. Honour your feelings, and know that they are 'feelings' - but they are not 'you'. Continue to be that person who loves without limits, regardless of the consequences, because that is what is true and real. And that is you at your finest.
    Big love.

  141. Break ups suck. There's just no way getting around that. But, they're way better than staying in an unhealthy relationship. Remember that.

    I've read some of what you've written here and you have a lovely voice. That dream you hold in the deepest part of your heart, it's not just for other people, you know. It's for you, too. Hold out for what you want and don't settle for less than you deserve. Your heart knows the difference. Listen to it.

    For now, allow yourself to feel completely. The highs and the lows. It's all part of being alive. The trick is to spend more time riding the crest of the wave. Honour yourself and treat yourself gently. You're feeling fragile and that's okay.

    Remember the sun is always shining above the clouds. Things WILL get better.

  142. Stay strong! Sending good vibes & positive healing energy to you all the way from Malaysia

  143. You have brains in your head.
    You have feet in your shoes
    You can steer yourself
    any direction you choose.
    You're on your own. And you know what you know.
    And YOU are the guy who'll decide where to go.

    You'll look up and down streets. Look 'em over with care.
    About some you will say, "I don't choose to go there."
    With your head full of brains and your shoes full of feet,
    you're too smart to go down any not-so-good street.

    ---Stay strong---

  144. You are loved by so many people. May you find comfort in their words and encouragement. :)

    Stay beautiful and strong!

    Sending you some love from Manila,


  145. Words cannot describe how beautiful your soul is, how beautiful your heart is, how beautiful you are. Inside and out. Remember you have the strength to move on, to be your own new force in the world. Learn from the past and celebrate your self and your life in the present. The future can only get better! You are amazing, you are wonderful, you are strong even when you feel weak, you are honorable and you are alive!
    Im sending strength towards you! Have hope!

  146. praying for you!!

  147. This is a beautiful place you have created. Keep up the good work. Know that there are tons of people out there who care about you, even if you've never met. Keep moving forward. Keep breathing. Everyday will get a little better until the wound is so small you barely even notice it anymore. You are blessed with the love of the world. Keep loving back and I can promise you, it will exceed your expectations.

    Peace and Love from the mitten <3

  148. Brittany,
    You are such a beautiful light in this world. You are so loved and cherished beyond words. Your essence is pure love.
    A big hug from the other side of the world. ♥

  149. Brittany, I have just read a few of your posts and love it and you already! As I've been reading I was thinking to myself, 'I think she's someone I'd be friends with IRL'. Despite what you've going through you are still thinking of others-I love your post about Nakate and am going to check it out. You have such a positive influence on people! I'm so sorry that you're hurting but I know that you know you will pull through. We all believe in you. I'll keep you in my prayers and leave you with one of my favourite bible quotes: Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.-Proverbs 3:5

    xoxo xoxo xoxo xoxo

  150. Brittany,

    I know it's hard to build yourself back up after being knocked down for so long, feeling like you're sitting amongst the ruins of your life.

    But you can build yourself back up, I know you can, all these people know you can do it.

    You are much stronger and more capable than you realise.

    And when you reach that moment when you look back with pride instead of hurt, and more love for yourself than ever before, (and you will reach that moment, I promise) everything you are going through now will be worth it.

    I know it really doesn't feel like all this pain could possible lead somewhere so good, but it can. It can lead to you being the happiest, healthiest, most in love with yourself you have ever been.

    We are all here for you, thinking of you and sending our love your way.


  151. Dear Brittany,
    You are loved, you are worth it, you can do it, you will succeed. You can overcome this, nothing is final. I live by this motto: 'It will all be okay in the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end.' Don't let this be the end. You're a strong girl. Fight. 3 years ago I was in the depths of despair, just like you feel now. I was ready to give up and end my own life and escape everything. But since then it's been a miraculous turnaround and I'm happier than I've ever been. But that's not to say it happned overnight. Once I realized living, really living every day, was worth it, the pain was slowly matched by drive to overcome it. We all have scars and sheilds. I will always have some scars, but I don't have wounds anymore. But I'm putting my scars to good use and making them worth it. And someday I'm sure you will do the same. Hold on. Keep moving. You are beautiful, inside and out, and so many people want to see you smile with your heart again. Nothing is forever, it's a blessing and a curse that I'm sure you know by now. God loves you more than anything, and although he works in strange and heartbreaking ways, good will come of this.
    Love from Toronto,
    Sea Monkey

  152. I'll admit it: this strikes painfully close to home. But I'll tell you what I keep telling myself. You will be fine. You'll be more than fine. You'll learn to laugh without it hurting, and you'll be stronger for this, and ready to face the world with pride and wisdom. Meanwhile, let yourself be sad and angry if you need to be, but never blame yourself. And experiment! One of my dear friends painted her whole apartment purple after getting out of a bad relationship with a controlling boyfriend. Coming out of the place where everything hurts, she discovered she liked purple, and her apartment is gorgeous. So be on the lookout for those fun discoveries of things that make YOU happy and help YOU express yourself. Sending love.

  153. Brittany,

    You beautiful girl. It hurts, I know, but you WILL get through this. You are incredibly beautiful and talented and so loved. You are surrounded by love, from friends, from strangers, embrace it. And know that it will be okay, you will be okay. In fact, you will be great, I just know it. Love and prayers are coming your way! <3

  154. you are beautiful and life will someday feel beautiful again in return. praying for you and sending lots of love your way! <3

  155. sending you comfort, strength, endurance, and peace tonight. I hear your hurt, and agree with many others that your ability to express your emotions is beautiful. You are beautiful. You are strong. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  156. Brittany, I'm sorry to hear that you're hurting. Relationships can be such a source of joy but also sorrow. Your writing is really beautiful. It can be so therapeutic to pen words during times of pain. I hope you'll continue to do so, because I'm sure the words resonate with so many people out there. You are loved, and time will heal.

  157. Brittany,
    The first thing I noticed about your blog, before you beautiful (Although heart-wrenching) writing, gorgeous photography, and inspirational quotes scattered around, was your photo banner. "There is always hope". I love that sentiment. And I hope you can remember it, Brittany. I know things look dark right now. But there are so many people out there who love and care about you, whether we know you or not. There is so much beauty, love, and light in the world. And from the little bit of you I've seen from your blog, you seem like a pretty amazing person. Keep on shining, you are loved. <3

  158. It seems most of the encouraging remarks so far have been from females...understandable to be sure. To be honest, there is probably just as much damage done to relationships by ladies as men (that comment is NOT directed at your recent experiences), but I do understand that guys can manifest anger and displays of power that can be very cruel. Please understand that this is weakness...do not mistake it for strength. Strength does not threaten, and it is not cruel. Strength sets boundaries in the yard and then lets you play in those open spaces safely and securely. Strength watches the perimiters so that you don't have to. You have inestimable worth (who can measure the worth of Christ's life?...that is your value)! Understand this - meditate on it until it is real to you - you can have better relationships. Do not settle for anything else. Your intrinsic value is enough to carry you. Be encouraged...imagine love...be loved! "Love is never wasted, for its value does not rest upon reciprocity." - C.S. Lewis. Outlast this hurt, Brittany...better love is around the corner!

    - Jonathan

  159. Been where you are and I know that it seems that the pain will never go away. Everything may seem random and meaningless...but if you open your heart - open it to the lessons that are coming to you from the Universe in the form of life lessons, you will begin to understand that everything you create and experience is happening to teach you more about yourself. You deserve a wonderful relationship! Everyone deserves happiness and love - and a safe, positive partner. Your blog is inspirational and so well crafted. Like attracts like...so continue to create, and focus on drawing loving, supportive, positive people to you. Allow the process of creation to heal your sadness and turn it into something inspirational. All the best to you little sister! M.E.

  160. Give yourself time and don't forget to be good to you. Sending love and positive thoughts your way.

  161. Eleanor Roosevelt once wrote that "no one can make you feel inferior without your consent" and Bonnie Tyler sang that "time mends a broken heart".

    You are stronger than you know, and even when you don't feel it there are people around you ready to lift you back up.

    Today there are hundreds thinking of you, and lifting you up from all around the world. Sending you love and prayers from the top of a hill in Wales.

  162. You. Are. Beautiful.

  163. Be true, be you, and shine forth for all to see.
    You are true beauty in every way xx

  164. You are awesome :)

  165. Brittany,

    I've been where you've been and I can fully understand what you've been going through right now. Please don't forget that you are amazing and wonderful and deserve the best. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I don't know you but I know this is true of you just as it is true of everyone. She the tears if it helps, but don't forget that one day those tears will stop and your smile will appear effortlessly and you will be so much stronger for the experience and will find someone who can appreciate you for all you are.
    Sending love and light...

  166. You are amazing and strong and wonderful. You can get through this. We all love you so much more than you know.

    Lots of love and a huge hug¡

  167. Dear Brittany,

    I'm so sorry to hear about the pain you're having to go through right now. You're an amazing person who gives so much. Your poem is beautiful - and so are you. I'm just one of the many people who cares about you and wishes you only the best types of relationships, where you're truly loved and appreciated for the wonderful person you are.

    Lots of love and ((((hugs)))),

  168. You are an amazingly beautiful person and I feel for you right now in your time of pain. Keep that pretty little head held high and know that the future looks bright. I was recently hurt and although the pain is deep I know that there are many much better things in my future and I will love again. We can always keep in mind that the steps we take in life make us stronger and teach us so much.


  169. You are a beautiful, inspiring person, and there are hundreds of people who love you and want the best for you. You have the strength to pull through the hurt and come up an even stronger person.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  170. Stay strong and believe in yourself. You are so special and beautiful and amazing and you just need to believe it. Things will get better.

  171. I'm sorry for the tough times that you're going through. I know that there are no words to make everything all right again, but please know that you are on the hearts and minds of many.

    May you be blessed with love and peace, and I hope that with time, you will heal x

  172. Pain sucks, no doubt. But know that you have friends, family and a community around you who love and care for you. You will get through this. We believe in you. You just need to believe in yourself. :)

  173. Brittany,
    You are an amazing, beautiful person inside and out. You don't deserve whatever you've been through, but I'm thankful that the pain is over for you now. It was an unhealthy relationship, which NOBODY deserves, especially not someone like you. I know it still hurts, but just know that you have friends, family, and a LOT of other people who care about you and are here for you whenever you always. You WILL make it through this and become a stronger, even more wise, beautiful person than you already are. We love you girl!
    You deserve better than what happened. It's in the past now, put it behind you, but remember, NEVER let anyone treat you like anything less than a princess, when you're worth so much more :)
    Love you sister!
    ~Ally <3

  174. I am popping in to offer you support in your difficult time and hopefully to help you through a time when you're facing a lot of pain. All of us, INCLUDING YOU, are terrific and deserve the best. Please give your self a huge pat on the back for realising that, difficult that it was, your decision to honour yourself is courageous and sends out the message that you deserve only the best and you will get the best in due course. Maybe not right now. Maybe not tomorrow. But for sure somewhere down the line. Take care, braveheart!

  175. But she never realised that there are people out there that care, that love her, that hurt when she hurts. She received a love bomb, and even though it brought up memories she'd rather bury, she found out that she was stronger than this, she was independent, she was a beautiful young woman, one whose soul was pure and honest and deserved to be loved. She realised this, and she SHONE with light. <3

  176. Brittany, Believe in the power of hope and believe that you deserve more than you were getting. The ending of one thing is actually the beginning of another. God has closed this painful door for you and has opened a window. Breathe the fresh air and let it into your life. Smile at yourself in the mirror and know that you can be who you are meant to be. Let go and move on and be the best you can be!!

  177. You will ge through this. Promise. Just take it one day at a time.

  178. Hey u'll get thru this, just b strong. and also, dftba(don't forget to b awesome).

  179. A deep wound always leaves it mark, but it can also heal. The scar is still there, but the pain becomes a distant memory with time. Remember that you are loved and the capacity for healing is in you.

  180. Sometimes no words can be comforting -- but just knowing people are reading and listening is enough.

    enough is enough, isn't it?

  181. Keep looking ahead.. don't dwell on the past.
    You have a bright future ahead of you, and with the love and support from everyone surrounding you... you will get through this. I know sometimes it may not feel like today is going to be a good day, but try and find one postive outlook for the day and hold on to that image. Then look forward to what tomorrow may bring.
    Keep your head up you are strong and can make it through.

  182. Out here in the world we are holding you in our hearts. I see your loveliness in every word that you wrote and I know soon you will remember it in your core. My Momma always tells me; "This too, shall pass." Sometimes I believe her; today I believe it for you. Be Blessed, Bethany