Sunday, May 3, 2009

The last day has been 72 hours

The past 3 days have been awesome! Friday was the last day at my old apartment and we had a sleepover in our living room. So much fun. Saturday was a little bit stressful, we had to move everything out and deep clean the whole apartment by 12:30, but we made it work and we're out!
My new apartment is awesome! It's much more spacious which is always nice. The past 3 days have pretty much just run in to eachother and I don't think I'll ever catch up on sleep. I'm missing my home state of Oregon especially since my best buds went home for the summer and are there. I'm looking for a second job because I need to make a ton of money this summer. Living is expensive. I'm looking at a book store or a waitress.. we'll see how it goes.
I think that's all the news.. nothing has really changed in the past few weeks.. and yeah I stole my friends idea on her blog and put a record as my header :) you're ideas are awesome Laura :)

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  1. Um so I totally agree on how long that weekend was. Crazy! It was a good kind of long though...since it was the end :(