Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Love This Day..

Today was a day where nothing out of the ordinary happened. I woke up, ate breakfast, wandered around the empty apartment, took a nap, showered, now I'm sitting. Strangely enough, it's these kinds of days that spark the most thought. There are so many things in this life of mine that I love, simple pleasures that make everything worthwhile, and if you add enough of those little things up.. sometimes they can make up for when everthing goes wrong.
Things I Loved About This Day:

Laying in bed and hearing the sounds of the day outside your window

Straightening your hair as slow as possible

Green Microfiber

Clothes strewn on a purple floor

The never ending sound of a refridgerator running

Crying over a movie that isn't really that sad

Listening to all of your favorite songs over.. and over..

Hearing the sound of your own laughter in an empty apartment

Looking in the fridge and realizing there isn't anything different in there since the last time you checked

Trying to scratch your own back

Showers that are so hot they turn your skin bright red

Thinking at the end of a day that you wouldn't have had your life turn out any other way.

Life is good.. :)


  1. I've officially tried to comment like three times. Basically, I hate computers.

    Also, this is a great list:). I love making lists, as you know.

    even better, I miss you. And happy early birthday! :D