Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Real Life Demo Derby!

My first demolition derby! Me and my friend Brittany :) We can't even wait for all this demolition goodness to begin!

Just a little snapshot of the type of people we were associating with at this event.
That car is definitely on top of that other one, the black car in the corner number 403 was the car I had pegged to win.. but it couldn't stand up to the intenseness

There was smoke everywhere from the poor engines overheating and exploding

So the demo derby was a lot of fun :) This car 253 was the overall winner.. it was still running at the very end. Moral of the story.. I'm definitely taking my future children to a demolition derby. And maybe someday I'll even be the driver :P

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  1. Deomlition Derbys are so fun! You gotta love all the people that show up for the event. It is even worth it just to people watch.