Monday, October 12, 2009

They're Killing Me Softly...

When I get the chance, I'll turn the next one away,
I won't get caught up...I'll look at him and say
"Go away please, there's no room in this inn,
I want no more battles in this war I can't win"
I didn't really just say that did I?
I did, must be losin it.
Cuz it almost felt like there might be some truth in it.
Gotta get outta here, stop playin these games
They're killing me softly, same guys...different names
I'm tired of this love tired


  1. So you've officially morphed your lyric-writing skills into the world of rap or hip hop or maybe R&B. We should think of a sweet beat to go with this.

    ps: I love you. I never judge you :) xox

  2. I'm this really strange dark place right now...about the very thing these lyrics are speaking to. Reading this was like getting a hug from someone who understands. Thank you. :)