Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's a List Day

So I've been having a lot of random thoughts lately...
(it's actually a fact that I only think random thoughts)

Here's some lists I've come up with.

To do someday:

  • Learn Arabic and read the Koran
  • Walk 10 miles just to see what that feels like
  • Go one week without using my cell phone and see how lonely I feel
  • Hitch hike...for real
  • Go surfing in Australia (and not care how many sharks there are)
  • Own 500 movies that I love

All the Degrees I want to get:

  • Biology - so I can become a vet
  • English Literature - so I can be a librarian
  • French - so I can be an interpreter in the U.S embassy in France
  • Theatre Arts - so I can be an actress
  • Piano Performance - so I can be a concert pianist
  • Psychology - so I can be a psychologist

All the pets I want to have someday:

  • Horses
  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • A bird or two
  • A rabbit or two
  • I wouldn't mind having a rat..only a cute one though.. His name will be Gus Gus in honor of Cinderella
  • Maybe a dairy cow.. just for fun..and maybe for milk
  • Chickens..fresh eggs are the best

So.. keep in mind..all of these thoughts happened either:

  • In the middle of class
  • Right before I fell asleep
  • One of those times when you wake up randomly in the night
  • While eating
  • While watching tv
  • While walking to class
  • When I was driving

That's all :)


  1. Oh, I do love lists. I am constantly making them myself and they're usually full of beautifully nonsensical things. I like that your lists amount to something. :)

    I also think that you 100% deserve my tag!


  2. Gus Gus! Best mouse ever.

    Although Jaq is equally awesome...