Friday, July 24, 2009

they don't have anywhere else to go

Thoughts that bounce around.. they need to come out. But where would I put them? They're not exactly like call-a-friend worthy but they're too long for a status on facebook. So they come here.
Man am I grateful for extremely attractive men at work
Why are all the extremely attractive men impossible to have?
Why does that always happen?
Men who are bad for me are attracted to me..
I'm attracted to men who are bad for me.
I'm exhausted.. more exhausted then I've been in a long long long time
5 nights of unwanted sleep deprivation.. that'll do it
Why are her flowers dying.. I water them.. but they look worse every day
That cat seriously never stops meowing, what does it want??
I might be terrible for leading guys on.. on purpose
I am terrible for leading guys on..on purpose
Players.. I'm okay if they're around and..
unfortunately.. I'm semi-okay with them playing me
I won't get attached...right? so right
Sometimes I miss high school even though I promised myself I wouldn't
I like to feel like I'm good at flirting
Man does he have a good smile.. and why did he have to touch my arm?
I have to keep reminding myself :)
I'm terrible..
I'm still waiting for the day when I snap my fingers and look exactly how I want to look
I work with them both tomorrow! Yes!
...I miss my family and friends


  1. hmm..two boys...I want to hear stories.:) you know how I have a thing for cute waiters:)

  2. awww-sssommme.!!! wish i could finds rhymes.!