Monday, July 20, 2009

I Love French Actors

L'amour Dangereux

I just picked up an independent foreign film and popped it in the dvd player
I had no expectations of what the movie was about or what it would be like.
And.. honestly.. it wasn't that great.
There were some parts...if you know what I mean
And.. if I don't speak or understand the language does it matter how many F bombs were dropped?...confession the English subtitles were on.
The two leads in this film.. I fell in love with them both.
Jennifer Decker
Nicolas Cazale
Both French actors..
It definitely helps that I love the french language so everytime they spoke I was completely enthralled..
I'd really like to see them in some other films.. I think it's pretty cool that there's like this whole other world filled with actors and actresses that we've never even heard of.
I've gotta watch more foreign films.


  1. So...french recommendations for you:
    Bon Voyage
    Amelie (if you can get an edited version)
    He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

  2. Hello Dramaspice!

    I liked this picture with a girl holding an umbrella. Where did you find it? Can I use it to create a video?

    Christos P.

  3. where you bought the dvd men, Im trying to look for it as well...