Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I've Gotta Feeling...That Tonight's Gonna Be A Good Night

What makes a day fantastic? I don't exactly know.. but the past two days have been so incredibly fantastic that it has reestablished my faith that these kinds of days do exist...even when you're single :).

These happy days have been unexpected and no one thing has made them great. They're just good. Come to think of it.. this past weekend was splendid. This upcoming weekend is going to be superb. This is what we wait for. The bad days pass and an exceptional week comes along.

I still have school. I still have homework. And I still have to work. None of my responsibilities have diminished, nothing has changed. Maybe it's my attitude that's made them great. But my attitude hasn't changed either. Oh well...whatever it is..I'll take it :D

Things that made my weekend and the past two days fantastic:
  • I made a fort, like the kind of fort you made when you were a kid..the one where you just grabbed a bunch of stuff and some kitchen chairs and imagined the rest. I made it with 2 of the most wonderful people. The kind of people where the world seems a little bit better because you're hanging out with them, and you wish you'd known them your whole life because they're that great. We also roasted marshmallows in our fort over a pile of tea lights while we watched Moulin Rouge. It was a great night.
  • I went to church and was inspired. It was one of those church days where it was just meant for you, everything everyone said was so perfect and tailored to my exact thoughts.
  • I went to work and everyone was happy to see me. It's amazing what a "hey brittany! I'm so glad you're working today" can do for a person. Especially when you just worked with those exact people two nights ago.
  • I went back to work after class with my room mate and ordered all the desserts on the menu..and ate them all. Plus we flirted with all the male servers...and the best part was...they flirted back.
  • I went to see if I made it into the play that I auditioned for, and I did which would have made me happy enough but while I was checking I ran into atleast 5 people that I love. And we talked in the hallway, and made jokes and laughed and gave hugs, and talked about hanging out more often.
  • Then...spur of the moment I went to eat with this guy. Who just happens to be attractive. I don't even care if he never likes me like that.. he's just the greatest guy. Good personality, funny, same interests.. yeah he's one of those guys.
  • Well then..when we were eating his brother showed up.. and his brother is also one of those guys. Funny, attractive, slightly touchy feely (which I actually love) and just an all around awesome guy.
  • So we ate. And talked. And laughed. Then they gave me a ride back to school. And this next part is going to make me sound slightly full of myself and a lot ridiculous...they rolled down their windows (in their pretty sweet looking car by the way) and turned the music up really loud...which for some reason always makes me feel cooler. The song was "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. Such a good song to roll the windows down to. So they drove me to the turnaround by the student center..and it just so happened that the bus was going to pick up soon, so there was a lot of people waiting to get picked up. So there I was getting out of a cool car that carried me with two attractive boys and some dang good music blasting out the stereo. And as I got out and walked away.. they hung out the window and said "See ya tonight at 8!" ... and everyone saw. Okay.. there's my moment.. I'm done gloating.
  • Last but not least.. I really do get to hang out with these guys again at 8.

It's been a good week so far. :D


  1. This is the sweetest list! Eeee, building a fort sounds like stupendous fun! Thanks for the recent follow by the way! I love making new blog friends. :)

  2. Man those last few points constitute a stellar day! Sounds like your week was heaven sent. Enjoy it! Whatever you have been doing, you need to tell me your secrets when I see you next.