Thursday, November 11, 2010

These Days

On days like these.. the ones where the rain just falls and falls, each little drop diving from its mother cloud to pound incessantly on my tin roof. The irregular drum beats of the heavy rain overspilling it's gutters and landing with such finality, seeping into the already soaking black brown earth. Days like this hollow out a girl.

Sometimes on days like this nothing can pull me out of the blissful escape of my bed except an ooey gooey caramel brownie blizzard. Days like this.. I lay huddled in my christmas pajamas..the ones that remind me of happier times, and read chapter after chapter of my latest read. Losing myself, my problems, my worries in another person's life. It feels like if I focus hard enough..forget enough, maybe I can enter their world and not have to come back.

Days like this..I lie curled..listening as the world spins around me. Busy people, busy lives. But these days..that world doesn't pull me like it used to. It's exhausting. Draining me dry. I need some recovery..respite only solitary confinement offers. I feel too small to take on anything. Everything threatens to swallow me whole..

On days like these..its safer to stay inside.


  1. I love this. I need a day like this. And I need to read read a book I just can't put down.


  2. Love the title (reminds me of one of my favorite sons), love the closing line, love the middle, and the words literally create images and scenes in my mind where I can hear and see inside the struggle. Very graphic and poetic. Awesome. I think I may have lost this ability that seems to come so naturally to your work, so keep it up!