Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Make your next move...uhhh....

And so my life is as follows:
with $20 left in my bank account
an orphaned dog here and then gone
2 boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese left in my food cupboard
a brand spankin new library card
only 4 shirts, a pair of jeans, a couple scarves and 2 pairs of underwear not yet thrown in the dirty laundry basket
one light bulb burnt out in my two light bulb room
incessant rain
one squirt of face wash left
one old razor
4 pairs of shoes soaked through
only one pair of socks (not even matching)
a box of kleenex instead of toilet paper
3 bottles of nail polish, black, purple and red respectively
a down comforter, a quilt, and two blankets in replacement for the heater
a lease that ends in two weeks and no replacement home to be found
25 job applications
0 interviews
I find myself weighing my options.
Unfortunately none of the outcomes are ideal.
What now?
I dream of selling the rest of my things
spending the money on a one way greyhound ticket to anywhere else
leaving this world behind
and finding a new one
maybe i'd find a new me along the way
I'd say it's about time for a makeover.


  1. It is time to make your way home or find a new one... maybe so far as the promised land? You could become the permanent resident of our other coach. One tenant already reserved the first one. He sleeps there more than his bed.

  2. Its time WE HANG OUT!! I miss you my dear! ps...you NEVER have matching socks :)

  3. I agree with Jordan. But come sleep on MY couch! :) Or better, a couple of my roommates are trying to sell their contracts...

    Love you, girl :).

  4. Nevermind what I said. If you live with Laura then I can come visit you and still be fine with the honor code.