Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Where did Tuesday go?


So I definitely thought that it was Tuesday today... until about 5pm when I was informed that it is in fact Wednesday. And the date being April 1 and all, I got some pretty good april fools jokes. It started with 5 cans of canned veggies in the bottom of my purse, and then progressed to red jellow in the toilet and the seat lined with vaseline, to now our bathroom door is missing. We have no idea who did it. I also had the opportunity to clean my room, which took me the better part of an hour.. why do I let it get so dirty?

I also lost my camera charger, which is making me increasingly panicked. Hopefully I find it, and then I can post some sweet pictures.

I have 2 Betta fish and an African Dwarf Frog that are my pride and joy, I've kept them alive for 2 whole months :) Their names are Olly (he's red) and Tevis (he's purple and peach), and then my frog is Edward (after Twilight). They are currently feasting on bloodworms, which I recently discovered are actually mosquito larvae, way gross, but it makes them happy and keeps them alive.. so do what you've gotta do I guess.

Well it's dinner time, parmesan pasta out of box, cooks in 8 minutes and sits in my stomach for the next 24 hours. I'm watching Chitti Chitti Bang Bang with some friends tonight so I can't make too much of a mess cooking.. Anyway.. the blog will get better I promise..


  1. haha you are hilarious Britt:D. I'm currently in charge of feeding my roommates fish, Morgan, since she's out of town. (that's the name of the fish, not my roommate lol).

  2. Man I remeber that movie, I'm a cop that.

  3. hmmm..looks like you have a weird stalker reading your blog...unless you actually know "tha bossmack topsoil"