Monday, May 30, 2011


Maybe I was only meant for a friend or two.
Maybe I was only made with a little bit of compromise.

Maybe I was built for a different life.
Or maybe the life I'm building should be different.

Maybe I'm a gypsy.
And maybe that's okay.

So far, since I turned 18 I've been in a state of perpetually in-between.
I'm in-between spontaneous and prepared.
In-between what I want to do, and what I know I should do.
I'm learning that this constant state of a stagnant place.

I've neither done what I wanted, or done what I know I should.
Just sort of lived. Floating along.

On this particular gloomy morning. After some much needed time spent in the sun.
I'm leaning towards do what I want.
What I should is boring.

So I'll work hard. Save my money.
Use the free I've been given and take a few classes.
And in 6 months time. I'll have a new plan and a new place.
Just you wait and see.
I'm only living the best from now on.

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