Wednesday, April 13, 2011

If you're out there.. somewhere.. reading this.
Know that I'm happy for you.
Know that just like I always did
I only wish the best the world has to offer for you.
Know that all of the hurt is gone.
And that even though the hurt is gone
I will never forget how it felt.
Know that I've forgotten the fights, and tears
the silent days, and the hurtful words
And when I think of us,
I think of the laughter,
the late nights spent on the couch testing boundaries.
The soft kisses, and lazy days.
Know that you got my heart racing,
and my blood pumping like very few before you.
And our first kiss, is still my favorite kiss.
Know that there are many things I love about you
And if the timing had been different,
maybe we would have lasted for eternity.

But you should also know...
You're the only thing I regret.
And if I could go back and do it over again
I wouldn't choose you twice.


  1. this is beautiful. tragic, but still beautiful. love you!

  2. I love the simple honesty of it, the beauty lies in the details, but it is a definite and powerful way of expressing that you have moved on. Stunning...

  3. love your blog. happy i found it :) and lovely writing...

  4. You are simply amazing. I feel like you give my own thoughts words...I miss you.