Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Feeling Free

There are mornings, as I lay in my perfectly cozy bed in my tiny basement room, when the inspiring realization sinks into me that this is my life. My very own. I can make it whatever I choose.

There needn't be a preconceived notion that my life should follow the tracks laid before me.

I have the skills, and am fully able to pave my own way. New roads, undiscovered scenery, small towns, big cities, all waiting for some new life to discover them.

Just because I was born and raised on the west coast doesn't mean I can't make a home in the east.

I have a short time that was allotted to me, and wouldn't it be such a shame to waste even one of those days?

Every day we must live our lives as the people we hope to be. Simply surviving each day won't help us along our way. And I am deeply grateful that I have been given the opportunities and the good fortune to be able to choose the life I wish to lead.

We have been given so many opportunities in this world, so many different ways to become great people, I want to go out and find the best place for me.

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