Friday, January 1, 2010

All My Thoughts

I believe in the dreams I dream while sleeping. They always mean something.
This is a text I sent myself in the middle of the night several nights ago...
"I changed the hearts to stars so he wouldn't know...I did it again just for him even though I knew. I saw a love story and dreamt again. This time was different. It meant the future."
I know exactly what this means.
Just a few nights ago.. I dreamt that
As I sat in a room full of people, opposite the only one I could see.. I said " I'm done. I pull out of this game." He said "Once you're in, you can't pull out" My response was to shake my head, look him in his eyes and say "I'm all done." Then I left.
The cool thing was. I meant it.
And then there's tonight.
"I'm sick of people telling me what to do. My business is mine. Back out. Leave me alone. I want no more with your expectations and controlling ways.. Push here a little, twist there a little. Sorry but I already graduated high school."

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  1. 一個人的際遇在第一次總是最深刻的,有時候甚至會讓人的心變成永遠的絕緣。.........................